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A good friend of mine recently asked for the theme of my blog. Great question. When I started blogging in August 2016.  I simply knew I wanted to write about topics related to change, hence, “cultivating change”.  Yes, change is a vague idea. We “change”clothes every day (well most of us do), but does that sum to net change?  Probably not. Nonetheless,  upon review of my blog posts, I’ve stayed true to my initial intent, human change embodying a growth mindset, but I’ve expressed beyond what I originally dreamed possible.

The therapeutic aspects of blogging should not be underestimated. Started largely as a method of expressing the mulling of ideas in my head; I’ve been more honest and open than I ever imagined. So maybe I’m embodying the purpose of the blog more than I realized. Its cliche, but I’ve changed.

Starting my blog was largely inspired by my brother and his blog:  Last spring and into summer my brother Adam and I discussed ideas related to change I want for my future.  We discussed potential, my potential, and human potential in general.  Both of us agreed that potential exists in all of us, but that confidence is a limiting factor in many individuals. Related to my own confidence, I’ve shared that I am confident in some areas, but certainly not in all.  Until now, I didn’t realize how much sharing my ideas in this forum made me think more critically about what small changes can make big differences in our own growth.

Another person I love recently asked how long it takes me to write a blog post. The truth is,  I have many drafts in queue but rarely do I go back to revise or post these ideas. Instead, when I think I have a good enough idea to publish I sit down for less than an hour and blast out my thoughts to post. Yes, my editing process could be improved, but I also love that when an idea comes into my head, I get inspired, and I cannot wait to share with my readers!

The cultivation aspect of my blog name stems from an idea that we can all grow and change. We can become refined individuals.  Last summer I fell in love with planting seedlings and watching my flowers grow in the Texas heat.  Since this fall, hopefully, my blog has helped plant seeds of ideas for change in others.

As a 38 year-old I reject the idea that in ten years I will be the same individual I am today. Heck, recently I learned what change we can do in 42 days of dietary changes. Experiences like these inspire me to branch out and try new things.

So the theme of my blog remains: Cultivating Change.  Clearly, health and wellness experiences and topics related to my thoughts as an educator seem to emit from every post.   If I was a food blogger or a fashion blogger, it would be easy to explain and pitch, instead I’ve decided to take on a wide array of topics.  I guess I hope to fish with a wide net.

I’ve changed from the person I was last August and I dream of the person I want to become in August 2017!  I have not done this alone, and I hope to continue building a community of like minded others who see every day as an opportunity to change (and not just your clothes).


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