Survey Says

Confession:  I really enjoy completing online surveys and providing feedback when I can. No, that is not my deepest, darkest secret, but stay tuned.  From earning extra stars when completing a Starbucks survey on my App or simply telling an airline how I rate their service;  I like to think my opinion, statistically manipulated, will make a difference in the offerings at merchants I frequent.  This morning, while working out, I remembered filling out a Pure Barre survey related to their corporate challenges.  I suggested that they include nutrition in their corporate challenges.  Like “they” always say: be careful what you wish for!

At my local Pure Barre studio, we just completed a nutrition and workout challenge to kickstart 2017!  Those that “signed-up” were challenged to eat according to the Whole30 recommendations and asked to complete 30 workouts in 42 days.  If you google Whole30 success stories online you will see so many images of progress.  Likewise, many individuals can attest: Whole30  is a food plan that works.  As noted in my previous post, it helped me break-up with sugar and allowed me to have control over my relationship with food. But I thought I would expand and share my list of what I liked most about the program.

Top Outcomes:

  • Stopped overeating
  • Stopped grazing pre-meal in the kitchen
  • Started listening to body for true hunger cues
  • Increased water consumption (water and coffee were my only liquids)
  • Reminded me to increase fat and protein
  • Stopped cravings
  • Opened eyes to the “why” I ate
  • Made me cook more regularly
  • Helped me redefine “treat”
  • Stabilized my energy throughout day- no more naps needed
  • Focused on non scale victories of fitness- inches lost
  • Helped me lose weight (14 lbs in 42 days)
Progress pics (left to right):  December 2014, January 2017, and February 17th

By no means was this challenge easy. I faced many struggles staring my relationship with food head on. I was moody, light-headed, and certainly difficult to live with when I cooked 2 eggs for breakfast every day at 6:00 a.m.  But after 30 days, the experience helped me cut out the junk in my diet and gain control over portions and macronutrients I consumed.

I lost 14 pounds in 42 days.  Prior to this, it took me nearly 6 months, and over 120 workouts, to lose any weight.  In this challenge,  I lost over 11 inches collectively from my shoulders, waist, hips, and thighs in 40 days,  but what I gained is control.  Control over what food I put into my body.

Food and exercise together make for amazing results. I hope all of you keep trying to find that balance between the two! I’ve worked out every day since January 2nd this year (studio was closed on Jan 1).  The Pure Barre workouts keep me motivated, and if you haven’t found something you enjoy doing, keep looking for that workout! Some say, “you work out EVERY day?” I think that an hour workout every day replaces two sitcoms, and I’d rather help my body than watch TV. I’ll take breaks from exercise when I need to as I listen to my body or when my schedule necessitates time off.  Ultimately, remember that we all make time for what we feel is important.

So now back to my love of surveys:  if I surveyed my readers/friends, how many want/need similar gains for themselves?   I want to ask you this:  what would you like to accomplish in 30 days related to your relationship with food?  Would you actually commit to it?  What obstacles do you anticipate?  Do you know how bad you actually feel?  Are you scared, like I was, of making a change?

By no means did my response to the survey from Pure Barre yield the food based challenge at my studio, but admitting I needed the help was a good admission in my journey. Ultimately, I want everyone to win with food and exercise! I’m here to chat, vent, plot and plan as needed! The first step is your self-assessment…. where are you today and where do you want to be tomorrow, and the next day, and the next one? In other words, what does your survey say?




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