I Did It!

I’m pretty sure my mom’s heart skipped a beat before she clicked on this post wondering what the hell I did now. Did I elope? No. Did I get pregnant? No.  Did I quit my job? No. And if you were concerned about the picture above, no I didn’t lose all of my teeth.  Don’t worry, mom. It is good news, nothing earth shattering, but I am proud.  I accomplished what I set out to do at the beginning of 2016 making my New Year’s resolution a reality.

So what the hell did I do?  After spending time with one of my grandmothers last December at Christmas I decided that in 2016 I was going to exercise even more and celebrate my health and ability to move with what I consider relative ease.  At the time my Grammy Lillian was 98 and I saw her movement limited and her quality of life diminished as a result of the inactivity.  Knowing genetics are on my side for longevity I decided I could do even more , at my age, to improve my health. Honestly, I doubt either one of my grandmothers (now 97 and 99) ever thought of “working out” the way we do today.  Maybe walking was part of their regular regimes, but they were always active living on farms, gardening and tending to their children and grandchildren.

My Grammy Lillian Frances Sprau on Christmas Eve 2015. She is now 99 years young. 

So I decided to set a goal for 2016 that would take me all year to achieve. I decided to exercise at least 20 times at Pure Barre every month.  I did the math; I knew that would be a minimum of 240 workouts.  In 2015, I averaged 20 a month when I didn’t travel, but during summer months it typically dipped well below 20. So this was a realistic yet challenging goal.

Well, as my headline stated: I did it!  I didn’t average 20 a month. I actually did at least 20 workouts every month. I continued to travel in 2016 to fun places including San Francisco, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Minnesota, New Jersey, Punta Cana and Seattle.  To make sure I stayed true to my resolution I visited Pure Barre studios on two of my trips. In total, I probably did about 280 workouts this year, which means over 280 hours of exercise.  Add in the time driving to and from the studio and you see that I made these workouts a priority.

Ultimately, the key to making this happen was pretty simple. I didn’t think, “can I workout today?” Instead, I thought, “when will I workout today?” It may be a slight shift in thinking, but as one of my friends from Pure Barre wisely stated, I don’t give myself a vote!  In other words, if I gave myself an option, I might’ve opted out.

For me, Pure Barre is a great workout. As mentioned in earlier posts I have met amazing women as clients and instructors that make for a fun community.  I’ve seen results and I always face a challenge for improvement.   No matter the workout of choice I think the idea of consistency is something that is so beneficial physically and psychologically.  I consistently see my friends at the barre and consistently do something outside of work where I face new challenges.

I have friends that train for marathons or compete in Cross Fit competitions each drawing from a similar mindset of achievement. I cannot remember achieving any other New Year’s resolutions for I  cannot remember ever setting any such goals in the past.  Looking 365 days forward and setting a goal was a new mindset that certainly enriched my lifestyle and routine this year.  Setting the goal kept me focused and energized to stay at it!

Every month I set mini goals as process goals. These included setting a number of classes in excess of 20 I wanted to hit, or what mixture of regular classes and cardio (platform) classes to blend. Last month’s mini goal was No Treat November, and this month my final push goal was to do 20 classes in 20 consecutive days.  Yup, I did 20 in a row this month.  I realize that rest for the body is important, but I know with low impact workouts I can layer them on top of one another more easily.

As of now, I haven’t decided on any major goal for 2017. Whatever I decide,  I’ll know to set mini goals along the way to stay motivated.  My main wish for the new year is for health and happiness as I’ve realized such a connection between the two. I wish this for my friends and family, too.   I met my goal in 2016 but as of January 1st I start all over again with a blank slate.  With a reset of my mindset I’m excited to see what 2017 brings!




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