No Treat November

At the end of a week off from work I am rested and reflective but a little sad I didn’t eat any pie. That’s right, I avoided the beloved pumpkin pie this year because I challenged myself to a “No Treat November.”  I am 27 days into this self imposed challenge and I’ve learned a few things about myself.

First,  I love sweets (I knew that) as a quick pick me up. I’ve realized that when I am hungry the first thing I want is a sugary treat.  Peanut M&M’s is what I longed for this month, especially when my stomach growled.  I know it is the quick energy rush that I like and of course I love that sweet chocolate!  So this month I reached for fruit and some protein in the form of almonds to satisfy my cravings.

Next, cutting out treats forced me to be more mindful about what I ate. When I went to the cafeteria for lunch I had to think, “no cookie.” When visiting the copy room at work where random treats accumulate I remembered, “don’t indulge.”  In other words, I had to be more mindful about my food selections.  This was a good reset. I don’t think that a treat around 250 calories per day is a problematic in a well balanced diet, but I found myself treating more than that when tired or when days got longer. I wasn’t limiting myself!

Another important outcome of this challenge is a reminder that I can set goals and accomplish them. This personal challenge was done more for a test of willpower than anything else.  I picked a month when my parents visited and my Dad made his amazing caramel rolls and apple crisp- but I resisted the temptations. Thanksgiving is an awesome day to eat yummy pies, but I steered clear of the triangle pieces. This week I treated my nieces to beignets, but didn’t indulge.  And for the first time I said no to cake at a wedding, but I still enjoyed my time with the happy couple.  The lesson is that my mind is stronger than my cravings. That’s a good reminder in all I do.

This Thursday marks the beginning of December and I will eat a treat, probably the Peanut M&M’s I’ve been missing. I’ll probably enjoy a seasonal treat soon in a red Starbucks cup next week, but I’ll do my best to be mindful of my sugar intake and to think before I treat. I do think my body enjoyed less sugar and the better energy sources I consumed, and I  hope this month served as a reset to better decision making. Ultimately,  I don’t know if  I lost any weight this month, however, I gained confidence knowing that I can make positive changes and follow through on goals.

Side note:  This entry is my 10th official post (yes I count, track and goal set almost everything) which inspired me to go back and read all of my shared thoughts this week.  My takeaway?  I’m surprised I wrote the posts-  I’m more surprised you read my posts!  A year ago there is no way I could’ve seen myself writing and sharing these thoughts. Thank you to all for allowing me to indulge in this blog journey! Here’s hoping the next 10 are even better than the first.




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