Great news: It’s still summer after Labor Day

I’m a goal setter. I set various goals at the start of the year and sometimes I goal set just because it is Wednesday,  but the summer is when I really challenge myself to make the most of my time off as a teacher.   This year I set some typical goals: I traveled every two weeks, I averaged about 8 hours of rest per night, I reached my monthly fitness goals, I completed professional development, I poured time into family and friends, and I even planted a garden. I achieved those goals and I celebrated my successes.  But the goal that was the hardest to complete is what you are reading right now. I decided to start a blog.  The topic came first- the link between efforts in self-improvement and confidence.

The truth Is that I started  writing this blog early on this summer and quite ironically kept going through waves of optimism and self-doubt.  Optimism- when I thought of new topics and stories which energized me to write with abandon.  At this extreme I believed that these posts were going somewhere. However, these moments seemed to alternate with other moments of self-doubt that my blog would never be worthy of posting.  Tonight I realized that this is exactly the point of my blog.

Self-improvement is not necessarily linear, perfect, or easy.  Results come from pushing through the doubts and detours to find the improved confidence we worked for, waiting on the other side.  So before September 22nd, the technical end of summer, I’m finally sharing the first of my blog posts.  I’ll start to share my stories with regularity now, I’m sure that a meandering path brought me to this place with an overall goal to inspire others. And with that… I met my ultimate goal of the summer.


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