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Donielle Albrecht

I’m a woman that finds true enjoyment from the various roles I play: daughter, sister, aunt, friend, teacher, and coach.  I grew up in Norwich, Vermont and left the Northeast for college following high school.  At Ohio Wesleyan I enjoyed the demands of life as a student-athlete in track and field.  I threw the shot put, discus, hammer and weight throws and spent at least three days in the weight room year round. After my junior season, when my event coach instructed the throwers remotely from San Diego, my passion for coaching was ignited.

Coaching, the act of instruction to improve performance in various skills, allows me to share life with others.   A dynamic field where roles are fluid and learning and instruction flow both directions draws me to the field.  Ultimately, like in most organic relationships, together we learn and grow.

As a coach of track and field since 2000 at both the high school and college level, my athletes improved, surprised themselves, out performed others, and grew from their quest for improvement.  After receiving my Master’s of Science from Smith College in 2004, I’ve taught students in various disciplines and settings. The constant is the human desire for support.

Outside of coaching track and field and teaching in a traditional classroom,  I hope to inspire others seeking personal growth in life.  By helping others set goals, crush them, and ultimately helping people get more out of key areas of their life- my cup remains full.   My focus on coaching others to betterment encompasses three key areas: physical health, relational health and emotional health.

I hope you see my coaching philosophy embedded in my blog posts.  I see every day as a gift and an opportunity to do something better than we did yesterday.  As a health conscious individual, I practice what I preach related to improvement and as a community, I hope we can find strength from our exchanges.

Cheers to good health!





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